Charity During COVID: A Discussion With Dr. Pete Birchler & Mike Rubino

On the one hand, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a massive shakeup in communications, funding, and everyday operations for many charities and charity organizations. On the other hand, the pandemic has restructured many citizens’ mindsets regarding helping one another, creating a larger push to support and give to those in need. So how does the process look 4 months into this worldwide change?

That was the topic of this month’s edition of “People Purpose Planet” in which Dr. Peter Birchler from the Chiropractic Health Center in Chippewa and A.M. Beaver County host Matt Drzik welcomed guest Mike Rubino from the United Way of Beaver County. Mike talked about both sides of the ebb and flow of charity during the pandemic, praising Beaver County citizens and organizations for pulling together to help funding for those in need, but also recognizing the issues with day-to-day activites and special events becoming cancelled events in the wake of making sure everyone is safe.

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