Beaver Valley Choral Society Set For Lenten Concerts, Celebrating 100 Years In 2020

Few people and institutions get to share in the glory of turning 100. Even fewer get to do so in such a glorious and busy fashion.

The Beaver Valley Choral Society is one of them.

BVCS Associate Director Sharon Burchill & BVCS President Lee Pfeifer joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to discuss the upcoming schedule for the Choral Society, beginning with their Lenten/Easter series of shows entitled “Depth Of Mercy”. Shows begin March 28, and the full schedule can be viewed on their website.

The two also announced the return of the BVCS Summer Academy held at (and in conjunction with) the Rochester Area School District. The Academy gives students a chance to take a crash course in vocal performance, instrumental jazz, music technology, and more. Full details can be seen here.

And if that wasn’t busy enough, the Choral Society is heading to New York City for 5 days in November, as they were selected by Distinguished Concerts International New York City to perform at Carnegie Hall on November 16. Lee & Sharon talk about how the BVCS is honored to have this performance, one that will require several days of practice before the performance with full orchestra.

To hear the full conversation, click on the player below!