Ann Colella-Murray Of The Women’s Center Of BC Talks About National Sexual Abuse Month

Sexual abuse comes in many forms, and it exists as a major problem in the United States to this day. So how can someone remove themselves from such people and situations?

The topic, in lieu of National Sexual Abuse Month, was discussed between Ann Colella-Murray of the Women’s Center of Beaver County and Matt Drzik on the April 23 edition of A.M. Beaver County. The two discussed the different definitions and classifications of sexual abuse, the effects that the current pandemic has caused for both the issue at large AND the Women’s Center, and how the Women’s Center provides 24-hour help to talk to those struggling with abuse, as well as providing them with proper shelter and guidance through their transition.

The Women’s Center of Beaver County can be reached by calling 724-775-2032 and more information can be found at

To hear the full interview between Ann & Matt, click on the player below.