Aaron Bernstine Talks About Reopening Businesses Safely In Pennsylvania

The desire for normalcy grows ever higher during the coronavirus pandemic, but the demand for safe measures remains strident. So as nature would have it, a compromise is presented to legislators in order to gain back one aspect of pre-pandemic ways without having to sacrifice any precautions.

PA District 10 State Representative Aaron Bernstine spoke about such a compromise with Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County, where he brought up Senate Bill 613, a bill that would help phase in the re-opening of local businesses in Pennsylvania under CDC guidelines. Bernstine talked about his views on Bill 613, his acknowledgement of the civility he and his colleagues share, and the struggles of mixing life at home and life in Harrisburg during the pandemic.

Rep. Bernstine spoke to Drzik hours before he was set to appear at an anti-shutdown rally in the state’s capital. Stay tuned to Beaver County Radio for more updates.

To listen to the full interview between Matt and Aaron, click on the player below!