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From: Marilyn <marilynmatwiejuk@gmail.com>
Item: Thomasville Brand Coffee Table.  38” x 38”Square coffee table with 4 beveled glass inserts. Light wood color .

Height 16 1/2”  It is in excellent condition.

Phone number: 724-775-2466


Timothy  (Ohio) 330-301-8223


Intex Queen-size durable double-high Air Mattress.  Includes plug-in inflator.  PRICE:  $20.00


Cargo Carrier that hitches to back of your car.  Hitch and Key included. In great shape.  4’5” wide with an internal length of 1’7”.  Perfect for carrying your deer or even a full-size cooler.   PRICE: $100


Crossbow bag/cover with carrying strap.  PRICE: $20


PHONE: 330-301-8223


Val ( Beaver)


Garrity 24 carat Gold electroplated 4 leaf Shamrock. 4” (NIB) New in box with literature included.  PRICE: $30


Electric Leaf Blower (in box) that also mulches & vacuums.  Bag included.  PRICE: $25.oo


Toshiba Vintage (not flat screen) 19” TV.  PRICE:  $75.00.  TV Stand on wheels available:  $25.00


Panasonic Landline Cordless telephones.  5 handsets, 2 dial pads. Includes answering machine, redial, speakerphone & caller ID.     PRICE:  $89.00

PHONE: 724-513-9390


Timmy (Eastvale) calling for his neighbor


Brown Lift Chair that lays all the way back.  Works very well.  Arms are slightly worn.  Delivery available.  PRICE:  FREE!

Her PHONE is:  724-544-6288





5,000 Watt Briggs & Stratton Generator.  Runs good.

PRICE:  $300 OBO

PHONE:  724-494-1084





Unique Charbroil Big Easy. Propane powered infrared heat cooker that safely cooks hams, roasts, chickens & TURKEYS on a rotisserie.  Get that delicious crispy skin.  All attachments and instruction manual are included.  PRICE: $50.00

PHONE: 412-974-0127




Rick (Chippewa)  Old Wooden Baby High Chair.  PRICE: $10.00

PHONE:  724-630-9100



Millie   LTB (Looking to buy) a 4’ round table top.  Can be glass, wooden or plastic.  She wants to place this on a wrought iron table base.

PHONE:  724-846-3425

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