Why Do 85% of Lottery Winners End Up Broke? The Relationship Between Financial and Personal Growth. Find Out More This Tuesday From Tom Young.

(Beaver County, PA)  Even wise old King Solomon from the book of Ecclesiastes exclaimed “Vanity of Vanities, all is Vanity”.  The ancient ruler realized that at the end of the day, even being a wealthy king was meaningless without personal enrichment.  In this month’s presentation, Tom Young from 1st Consultants, Inc. in Beaver will delve into the importance of achieving personal growth and change, so as to create a lifestyle and an outlet to maximize one’s assets.  It’s a fact, many people who become instantly rich by winning the lottery, oftentimes end up worse off than they were before their “good fortune”. The reason is simple, they didn’t change or grow as person, and had no greater capacity within themselves to manage, or use the money for good.

Tom’s one hour program will feature dialogue that will help you learn more about personal growth and how to find ways to develop into the person that can properly handle and administer great riches.  You’ll hear Tom expound on why personal growth, and change over time isn’t an option. It happens to everyone. The difference is choosing to become the right type of person and training for it along the way to achieving affluence. Don’t miss it!

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