Today’s “Best of Beaver County” announced a New Shop N Save For the Tusca Plaza in Brighton Twp.

 (Beaver Falls, Pa.)  This week’s episode of “The Best of Beaver County” gave Brighton Twp. residents news that they have been waiting for over three years to hear that they are getting a grocery store back in the Tusca Plaza.

Tusca Shop N Save back in 2016 under previous owner (Photo by Frank Sparks)

Host Jim Roddey announced at the beginning of the show that St. Barnabas and local long time grocer The Safran Family  have come to an agreement to open a Shop N Save store in the Tusca Plaza on Tuscarawas Road in Brighton Twp.

JD Turco, Sr. Vice President and CFO of St. Barnabas Health System

Mr. Roddey’s guests in studio were JD Turco, Sr. Vice President and CFO at St. Barnabas Health System, Phillip Safran, Owner of the East Rochester and Ambridge Shop N Save’s and Bryan Dehart, Brighton Twp. Manager. JD discussed St. Barnabas’ commitment to the community and the vested interest they have in Brighton Twp. with owning St. Barnabas Beaver Meadows, The former Michael Baker property and then earlier this year purchasing the Tusca Plaza Shopping complex. Turco discussed how St. Barnabas has been dedicated to opening a grocery store in the old Spagnolo Shop N Save space that closed three years ago.

Phillip Safran , Owner of Safrin’s Shop and Save in East Rochester, and Ambridge

Phillip Safran then told the listeners about the 70 year history of the Safran Family in the grocery business and that he is the third generation of The Family with over 50 years experience himself and his children who also work in both stores that they currently run are the Fourth Generation. Turco, Roddey and Safran talked about how this deal came together with Turco dropping off a business card for Safran. Safran returned the call and then they started negotiating until an agreement was reached and the Safran Family will open a store in the plaza before the end of the year.

Bryan Dehart, Brighton Twp. Manager

Bryan Dehart told Jim Roddey how excited Brighton Twp. and the residents are to finally have a grocery store of their own and they won’t have to drive long distances to shop. It’s been three long years since the old store closed down and this has been sorely missed.



If you would like to apply for a job at the new store you can go to either the East Rochester Shop N’ Save or Ambridge Shop N Save to apply. Safran said they would like to hire employees a head of time to train them so that they are ready to go when the new store opens. They are looking to hire every aspect of the grocery store. He said also keep your eye out for the new Shop N’ Save app and that will be up and running in the next couple weeks and you can apply thru it once it is.

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