The Best of Beaver County with Jim Roddey gets Miked!!!!

(Beaver Falls, Pa.) The Best of Beaver County this week with Jim Roddey presented by St. Barnabas was Miked up!! The show featured a man who is grew up locally and made it big in the radio business. Mike Romigh who grew up in Beaver Falls and then after working in the mill in his early years started out becoming a popular talk show host  on Beaver County Radio before taking his talents to the big city and KDKA radio. from KDKA Mike then worked for WKBN in Youngstown before returning to Beaver county Radio in 2014 to host the show he made popular, Teleforum. Romigh was also Program Director for Beaver County Radio.  In 2017 Mike moved onto The Beaver County Humane Society as the Sponsorship, Events, and Social Media Manager, a position that Mike still currently holds . 

The first segment of the show host Jim Roddey talked to Mike Romigh about his career and how he got into the radio business. Mike told of his love for radio from having a transistor radio that he listened to all the time as a kid to going to the Columbia School of Broadcasting. Romigh talked about his stops along the way in radio and how he kept beating on doors till someone gave him a chance.

The second segment Roddey and Romigh talked about Mike’s current position at the Beaver County Humane Society and what he does there. Mike also shared the story about the sprinkler system break that spewed water through out parts of the Humane Society.

The Final segment the guys talked about the new frontier that Beaver County is on the door step of and what Mike sees as a vision for the future of Beaver County.


You can also watch a replay of the Facebook Live video by clicking on the play button in the video below…….

The radio broadcast will be replayed each week from 11:30 am to Noon on Sundays on Beaver County Radio. Tune in next week at 11:00 a.m. as Jim will be welcoming in two more of  the “Best in Beaver County”  guests presented by St. Barnabas.

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