Do You Know What Is Real and What Is Not? Find Out More With Tom Young From 1st. Consultants This Tuesday.

Tune in to Beaver County Radio, 1230 WBVP , 1460 WMBA and 99.3 F.M. on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 9:10 A.M. for financial insight from special guest expert, Tom Young, from 1st Consultants Inc. in Beaver.  This month, Tom will discuss the topic of “Money Mind Games”. Consider the following:

  1. Some things are just as they appear to be.
  2. Some things are not as they appear to be.
  3. Some things are not , but appear to be.
  4. Some things are, but do not appear to be. 

Confused?  Well, find out what these “Money Mind Games” mean by joining Tom Young during his monthly presentation this Tuesday  January 21, 2020 beginning at 9:10 A.M.

Do you want to know more?

You can participate in the show by calling 724-843-1888 or 724-774-1888. You can also ask your questions on Facebook Live Tuesday January 21, 2020.

Click Tom’s picture below at showtime of 9:10 A.M. to be directed to the WBVP and WMBA Facebook page where the special multi media simulcast will be streamed on Facebook Live.

In the mean time . . . Check out Tom’s video message and find out how you can receive a free copy of “The Family Money Farm-CFO Project” scheduled for publishing soon.