Dino Capistrani from Concordia Visiting Nurses talks Medicare on Teleforum with Frank Sparks

(Beaver Falls, Pa.) Dino Capistrani, Communications Director for Concordia Visiting Nurses joined Frank Sparks on Teleforum to talk about the 2019 Medicare improvements Friday January 18, 2019.

The show started with Dino telling everyone that he had good news for people who have Medicare as their primary insurance. Capistrani then went on to talk about the different changes and how they are going to effect Medicare subscribers.

Dino told the listeners about Concordia’s e-news letter that talks about all of the 2019 changes. You can go to https://elderpagespittsburgh.com/ if you would like to read more about it.

After news Frank and Dino talked about the different services offered under the Concordia umbrella and how you can apply to work for Concordia.

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