“Best of Beaver County” with Jim Roddey steps on the gridiron this week

(Beaver Falls, PA)  “The Best of Beaver County” with Jim Roddey presented by St. Barnabas Health System stepped onto the football gridiron this week with special guests Mike Warfield who is head coach of the Aliquippa Quips High School Football team and Rick Holman who has been elected to Ford’s NFL Hall of Fans.


The first segment of the show Jim talked with Mike Warfield about his first year as Head Coach of the Aliquippa Quips Football team. Warfield discussed how proud he is of his team to be able to win a state championship in his first year. He told Roddey and the listeners that it’s about more than just football it’s about teaching these young athletes that there is more than just football out there and that you need to be prepared for life after football because football is a very small portion of your life. Warfield also discussed his career as a member of the Pennsylvania State Police.

After a short break segment two started and Jim talked with Rick Holman who is an inductee into the NFL Hall of Fans. Roddey and Holman talked about him growing up in Beaver Falls and the unique way he ended up getting nominated for the first class to be inducted into the Hall of Fans. Rick told Jim of his recent trip to the Big Game and how he met Joe Namath and he thought it was cool that Rick was also from Beaver Falls. Rick told the listeners how proud he was to be picked and to represent our area.

The entire show was streamed live on Facebook. You can watch the interview by clicking on the play button below…

The radio broadcast will be replayed each week from 11:30 am to Noon on Sundays on Beaver County Radio. Tune in next week at 11:00 a.m. as Jim will be welcoming in two more of  the “Best in Beaver County”  guests presented by St. Barnabas.

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