A Dirty Secret About Mortgages That You’ll Never Hear From The Bank. Find Out More This Tuesday At 9:10 A.M.

Tune into Beaver County Radio 1230 WBVP and 1460 WMBA on Tuesday September 18, 2018 at 9 A.M. for Tom Young from 1st Consultants Inc. in Beaver. Tom will be making his monthly appearance when he will explain how taking out a shorter mortgage and saving interest can actually cost you money in the long run.  Obviously, It’s something the bank will never tell you . Find out more about this misconception and other things that are perceived to be great financial strategies that don’t always add up when you take a closer look. Tom will explain this myth, and more, during his appearance this month. You can also participate in the show by calling 724-843-1888 or 724-774-1888. You can also ask your questions on Facebook Live.

Click the banner below at the showtime of 9:10 a.m. to be directed to the WBVP and WMBA Facebook Page where Tom’s appearance will be on Facebook Live.