Beaver County Partnership Quality Education Council

The future for Beaver County is a bright one thanks to the efforts of The Beaver County Partnership. The Beaver County Partnership is a collaborative effort of over three hundred business and community leaders who volunteer their time and resources to work toward maximizing the potential of Beaver County, Pennsylvania. The group does this by focusing on several key areas of dialogue, including economic and workforce development, quality education, desirable housing, quality of place and good governance.



The Quality Education Council is part of the Beaver County Partnership and is comprised of educational leaders from schools across the county. The council is divided into three committees, namely the K-12 Education, Bridges and Pathways College Partnership and the post-Secondary Workforce Development committees.

The Beaver County Partnership has a goal  to enhance business and community growth by promoting and helping to facilitate good planning strategies among the business sector, government leaders, and local residents.  for more information, or to find out how you can get involved, call 724-601-3695 or email


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