Thursday Teleforum with Eddy Crow in One Word: Busy!

The Teleforum Talk program with Eddy Crow starts fast and gets faster during Thursday’s program-at 9:10 it’s the Huntington Business Spotlight, featuring Matt Nance of Tiger Pause. At 11 it’s the Best of Beaver County-hosted by Mike Romigh; Mike’s guest is Master Gardener Frank Bufalini. After the 11:30 news Beaver County Times Entertainment Editor Scott Tady joins Eddy. Teleforum happens every weekday from 9 till noon on am1230, am1460, fm99.3, and fm95.7-all presented by St. Barnabas.

Dr. Staltari to Join Dale Reckless to Talk Allergies During October Appearance Wednesday Morning

(File Photo of Dale Reckless from MRS Physical Therapy during a recent appearance on Beaver County Radio) 

(Beaver Falls, Pa.) Dale Reckless from MRS Physical Therapy makes his monthly appearance on Teleforum Wednesday morning, October 18, 2022, at 9:10 AM. Dale is bringing  Dr. Giuseppe Staltari from ENT and Allergy Specialist of Western Pennsylvania with him.  He will discuss his specialized practice that he brings to the Beaver County area.

The phone lines will be open throughout the show to answer your questions about knee pain or any other ailment you made need advice about at 724-843-1888 and 724-774-1888.

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Teleforum with Tom and Jeff! (and Eddy)

Tuesday’s Teleforum talk program with Eddy Crows sees a visit from 1st Consultants’ Tom Young to talk about financial planning-and consultant Jeff Bost joins Eddy to school everyone up on the impending  flu season. (it’s expected to be a much bigger under-the-weather season for a Much larger number of people than in years past. We’ll find out why, and what you can do to protect yourself-Teleforum is on the air every weekday from 9 till noon on am1230, am1460, fm99.3, and fm95.7-all presented by St. Barnabas!

You Become What You Think About. Why Not think About Success?

By Mark Peterson, Beaver County Radio October 16, 2022 5:30 P.M.

(Beaver County, PA)    Do you expect success for yourself?  Why Not?  Almost nothing happens without being dreamed about first.  So why not change the way you think about things, especially your finances?  It’s easir than you “think.”   As another segment dealing with this special topic,  Tom Young from 1st Consultants, Inc. in Beaver will  join Eddy Crow on “Teleforum” this Tuesday. Learn more about the importance of having the right financial mindset.  The special show starts at 9 A.M. as part of an ongoing monthly series of multi media forums.

Change your mindset and you change the future.

Tune in on Tuesday, October 18, 2022,  the special multi media presentation  begins at 9:10 A.M. on Beaver County Radio.

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In case you missed it, here is an archived presentation of Tom Young’s  multimedia program that originally aired  September 20, 2022, on Beaver County Radio:


In the meantime, click this link to watch one of Tom’s recent daily noontime video messages:

The Teleforum Talk Program with Eddy Crow

Teleforum is a talk radio program hosted by Eddy Crow, it holds forth every weekday from 9 till noon, and it’s……something. There are interviews with guests, there is the incessant braying of Eddy, and there’s your thoughts. (when you call) Every weekday on am1230, am1460, fm99.3, and fm95.7-all presented by St. Barnabas. And it’s….something.

Wednesday Teleforum-Corn and Dirt!

Wednesday’s Teleforum talk program with Eddy Crow sees a visit from Charlie Dirt and the Garden Jargon show! A ‘How to Vote’ primer is included in the programming too. Bring a black or blue pen and listen to Teleforum-every weekday from 9 till noon right here on Beaver County Radio!

Tuesday Teleforum with Eddy Crow

Tuesday’s Teleforum talk show will discuss, but not be limited to the following: Offensive Statues, overly dense fish, and ‘Perla.’ Teleforum happens every weekday morning from 9 till noon on am1230, am1460, fm99.3, fm95.7, and streaming live at

Teleforum Thursday with Eddy, Mike, Scott, and Nurses!

Teleforum Thursday with Eddy Crow will have the latest on Hurricane Ian, Scott Tady joins the show to talk about shows, and Mike Romigh and nurses host the Best of Beaver County! Teleforum holds forth from 9 till noon every weekday on am1230, am1460, fm99.3, and fm95.7, as well as being available with the free BeaverCountyRadio App!