The Riverside Panthers Win 8-5 Over Punxsutawney In A Wild One They Go To Penn State!!!

On an overcast chilly June afternoon at Slippery Rock University ‘s Jack Critchfield Park, in front of a full house . The Chucks  in their red and white and Riverside in their black with green lettering  uniforms with the  wind blowing from left to right as Mike Azadian and Bruce Frey were set to call the game here on Beaver County Radio all anybody knew was that this was probably going to be a good game. And that it was with the Punxsutawney Chucks getting their first runner on with an E-6 recorded then the next pitch was hit into shallow right field and then the Chucks hit a ball deep into right field to put runners at second and third then the next batter Carter Savage belted the ball into center Field and they had runners on the corners with one out, the next batter struck out and the next  walked  to load the bases,  then Zeik Barnet comes up and hits a ball into center field that brought 2 more runs in, that was all for Ronnie Harper as coach Dan Oliastro came out to mound and called for his pitching ace Christian Lucarelli Who was already walking out from the bull pen. Lucarelli was able to stop the rally and to the relief of all the Riverside faithful the inning was over. But the Panthers bats were quiet in the first inning and in the next few innings as the next inning Dinger the Chucks lead off hitter hit a dinger that bounced over the fence for a book rule double but the panthers pitching held off the attack and no runs were scored, But the panthers still have not advanced a runner past second base and the bats were still pretty quiet, in the top of the third Christian Lucarelli retired the side with just 8 pitches and you would have to think that things were about to change with the Chucks getting 3 runs on 4 hits so far and the Panthers 0 runs on 3 hits. In the 5th inning Evan Burry makes a great catch on a very hard hit ground ball into the hole and a great throw and catch by Mitch Garvin at first to get the out, and Lucarelli strikes their #4 batter out and gets the next batter out to go to the bottom of the fifth, Could anybody get on for the Panthers and Drake Fox comes up and hits one at the shortstop and he bobbles the ball and the Panthers have the lead off batter on with nobody out(could it get better) yes it could then Darren McDade gets a hit to put runners on the corners and the Riverside fans came to life you could here the excitement ringing through the air as for the first time in this game they had something to cheer about. With bases loaded Sean Hayes lines into the outfield to bring in 2 runs with runners on first and second Riversides Evan Burry with 2 strikes gets a clutch hit to bring in the tying run as the crowd goes wild. In the top of the 6th the Chucks had 2 runners on and the Panthers Christian Lucarelli went into the stretch and paused to look around and noticed the runners leaning stepped off looked at second and tossed it to first to pick off the runner and end the inning. In the bottom of the 6th Mitch Garvin puts down a nice bunt to get runners to second and third and Darren McDade hits a 2 run double Sam Barber hits a triple and Sean Hayes had 2 runs batted in before it was all over the Panthers had a 8 to 3 lead going into the top of the 7th inning.  the Chucks managed a couple of runs but with 2 outs and the tying run on deck they hit a hard shot down the first base line and as Mike Azadian who was on the call said as Mitch Garvin jumped up and caught the ball that’s was probably the highest he’s ever jumped, it was a great game and a great win for the Riverside Panthers and it was Broadcast right here on 99.3 FM 95.7 FM 1230WBVP/1460WMBA   and around the world on Beaver County Radio .com

Hopewell Upsets Erie Cathedral Prep 4-2 They Move On To Semi Finals!!!

The Hopewell Vikings did what they were not expected to do as they give the Erie Prep Cathedral a record 22and 1 instead of a future in the High School Playoffs. Landin fox took the mound and had a solid game even picking off Erie’s first base runner at first base but Erie ends up scoring a run, he kept them in check after that not allowing any more runs until the bottom of the 5th inning. Hopewell had some good  hitting after  Slate  drove a ball to the fence and then they get a walk and Fox comes  up to help his cause with a hit up the middle to drive in a run and Lucas Walton hits a 2 run single to give Hopewell a 3-1 lead. Landin fox pitched to the middle of the 7th when the pitch count caught up to him and they had to bring in David Medich who faced the meat of the order and through nothing but junk at them with a change up and 8 curve balls to strike out the next two batters to close the game. Stay tuned for when and who the Vikings will play in the semi finals against right here on Beaver County Radio. This game was Broadcast here on Beaver County Radio by Mike Azadian And Bruce Frye right here on 95.7FM and 99.3FM along with 1230 WBVP and 1460 WMBA and around the world on Beaver county

Riverside Crushes Fairview 9 to 3 To Advance To Semi Finals In State Playoffs!!!

The Riverside Panthers got out to a fast start scoring 4 times in the bottom of the first, Riverside had a couple of runs on and a double by Hunter Garvin and  then his brother Mitch Garvin comes up with bases loaded and hit a sacrifice fly to bring the third run in and then the next batter followed up with another sac fly to give Riverside a 4 to nothing lead. In the bottom of the third Hunter Garvin gets a single and then Mitch Garvin comes up and hits a ball into left field to put runners on first and second, then Drake fox hits a ground ball fielders choice at second puts runners on the corners for Riverside and they decide to send the runner half way down they had him trapped but a low toss to first got away and the runner on third scored. Riverside will play Monday time or place or who they  hasn’t been decided yet stay tuned to Beaver County Radio for details. The game was Broadcast right here on 95.7FM 99.3FM and 1230 WBVP/and 1460 WMBA by Bruce Frye and Mike Azadian and around the world on Beaver County

Aliquippa falls short of the gold but take silver for second straight year they lose 60 to 44!!

The Aliquippa boys basketball team played for the Piaa 2A state championship against Lancaster  mennonite and played better than the final score would indicate, Lancaster’s 6 foot 7 inch big man David Weaver scores first and quips DJ Walker tied it up at 2. Aliquippa found their selves down early 8 to 2 called timeout to talk about it. D.J. Walker the only Quip to score so far getting shots blocked turning it over and had the big David Weaver hitting 3 pointers yes  the kind of night it was for Aliquippa, the Quips did show that they were in the game to the very end when they had to fowl and hope for the best. Tiki Hayes gets a rebound and is fowled he goes to the line and makes one the score is 13 to 9 the Quips coming back then D.J Walker took a pass from Quinton Goode and makes a layup to start the second quarter then Cam Lyndsey gets a layup for his first points of the game to get the Quips within 4 17to 13. then the Quips were trailing 20 to 15 and Cam Lyndsey gets a bucket to make 23 to 19 Quinton Goode hits his first 3 to make it 25 to 22 and that’s the half not bad all and all. To start the third D. J. Walker puts some moves on going right then left and he scores 25 to 24 Quips then D.J. Walker kicks the ball out to Tiki Hayes he scores and gets Quips first lead of the game28 to 27. that’s about all the closer it would be their sharp shooting  Camden Hurst went and hit a 3 to get the only lead back that Aliquippa would have Aliquippa tried everything in their bag of tricks that has worked before but sometimes its just your night and the other team just cant miss but silver 2 years in a row is not bad at all that’s why they play the games. Mike Azadian and Bruce Frey were on the call on the game broadcast right here on 99.3 FM 95.7 FM and 1230WBVP/1460WMBA and around the world on Beaver County Radio, stay tuned for the Blackhawk girls at 11:30 am on Saturday 3-25-23 as they play for the 4A state playoff championship.