It’s time for beaver county memories, presented by St. Barnabas Beaver Meadows. Beaver County might have changed a bit over the years, but one thing is for sure, romance has always been a way of life in these parts, especially around Valentine’s Day. One favorite way to show one’s love was to treat them to a meal out in one of the many restaurants that dotted the landscape.

Probably one of the most famous Restaurateurs to operate in Beaver County was Lou Pappan. His Pappan’s Family Restaurants were in virtually every town, and at the peak of operation, had over forty establishments sprawling all over Western Pennsylvania. Lou Pappan’s first Restaurant, known as Lou Pappan’s s Sweet Shoppe was located in Beaver Falls, and opened in 1961. Later on, Pappan would own and operate Roy Rodgers Restaurants and an upscale Restaurant in Bridgewater during the seventies and eighties called Pappan’s Ark.

Anybody who wanted to impress a date, or even a business client would dine at one of the two Red Bull Inns in Beaver County, located in Beaver Falls and Ambridge. The Red Bull Inn’s were famous for Steak Salads that had real steak, and Lobster Pot among other favorites. Live entertainment with local gentlemen dressed in tuxedos playing a grand piano would be featured in in the bar for happy hour.

A trip to the Beaver Valley Mall in the Seventies meant a visit to Ciro’s Top Of The Mall, an upscale supper club themed place that even hosted then President Jimmy carter in 1978. Later on, another long gone favorite, Bobby Rubino’s would occupy the same place in the mall.

If one wanted to sit down and enjoy some of the best prime rib around at the time with their valentine, the choice was simple, Diddio’s Restaurant in Rochester. Originally a workingman’s bar when it first opened in the forties, Diddio’s eventually grew into a popular spot for fine dining and business lunches, and of course, ran the Prime Rib Special every Saturday night. Diddio’s remained open until the late nineties.

Even though this is a historical segment, special mention must be made of three local Establishments that have hosted romantic evenings for decades, and are still on the top of the list when choosing a place to dine in Beaver County. The Wooden Angel in Bridgewater has been the place to sample wines from one of the areas largest collections since 1968. In Hopewell, J.W. Halls Steak and Seafood Inn has been a popular dining destination since 1981, and another Hopewell Township landmark, Harold’s Inn, has survived the test of time by serving their trademark Mountain Chicken for over five decades now.

With so many great places, creating so many great memories, it’s no wonder that romance has been alive in Beaver County for so many years. Here’s to hoping you create a great Valentine memory when you dine out in Beaver County this year!

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