Promote your product or service on Beaver County Radio, 1230 WBVP and 1460 WMBA.

Coverage maps:    WBVP    WMBA

Programming line up

Current avails (gross per 30 or 60 sec spot, automatic simulcast on WBVP and WMBA):

6 – 10 A.M. $30

10 A.M. – 3 P.M.  $24

3 – 7 P.M. $28

6 A.M. – 7 P.M. $26

6 A.M. – Midnight and Weekends $17

Candidate Rates ( Primary election window , 2017.  Valid April 1 through May 16, 2017.  Rates per 30 or 60 sec spot, automatic simulcast on WBVP and WMBA):

6 A.M. – 7 P.M $18 net, $21.18 gross

Current packages/sponsorship opportunities:

Penguins Playoff Broadcasts. Since your business competes just as hard as the Penguins, here is your chance to leverage the huge fan interest into premium awareness and exposure.  As a sponsor of our special coverage of Penguins hockey playoffs, your business will receive:

  • Up to 56 – 30 second ads to air during Penguins Hockey Playoff games.  2x per game, up to a maximum of 28 games throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs on WBVP and WMBA. Your ads continue to air as long as the Penguins stay alive in the playoffs!
  • Name Inclusion in a minimum of 60 Penguins tune in promos aired throughout the playoffs on WBVP and WMBA between 6 A.M. and midnight.
  • 30 – 30 second ads to air between 6 AM and midnightup through June 30, 2017 on WBVP and WMBA.

Minimum of 38 ads, maximum of 86 ads, plus promos.    Investment: $730

The Beaver County Radio Prize Personality Wheel

Live Remote Broadcasts. Includes a two hour live on site appearance at your place of business, including prizes and fun with some of your favorite WBVP-WMBA announcers!  The remote broadcast package includes on site sound system, Set up of the new Beaver County Radio Personality Prize Wheel, lots of pre-event promos, event listing on this web site and 30 ads to promote your business during the month of your remote to air between 6 A.M.  and 7 P.M. on WBVP and WMBA.  All  for just $1280!



For more information call 724-846-4100 or email