Promote your product or service on Beaver County Radio, 1230 WBVP, 1460 WMBA and 99.3 F.M.

Coverage maps:    WBVP    WMBA     99.3 F.M.

Programming line up

Current avails (gross  rates per spot :30 sec/:60 sec. All spots  automatically simulcast on 1230 WBVP , 1460 WMBA and 99.3 F.M.):

6 – 10 A.M. $30/$42.  16x or more per week: $22/$32.

10 A.M. – 3 P.M.  $28/$40.  16x or more per week: $20/$30.

3 – 7 P.M. $28/$40.  16x or more per week: $20/$30.

6 A.M. – 7 P.M. $26/$36.  16x or more per week: $18/$26.

6 A.M. – midnight  $16/$24.  16x or more per week: $12/$16.

Candidate Rates ( General Election window , 2019.  Valid September 6, 2019  through November 6, 2019.  Rates per 30 or 60 sec spot, automatic simulcast on WBVP and WMBA):

6 A.M. – 7 P.M $18 net, $21.18 gross

Current packages/sponsorship opportunities:

Talk, Show and Sell:   It’s the newest, most popular plans that Beaver County Radio offers.  Conduct a monthly interview about your product or service, and broadcast it on the air and on line with a  live video stream  simultaneously via the WBVP-WMBA Facebook page!  The plan includes promos and a package of  15 thirty  second commercials to air around your 20 minute interview.  Available from just $573.

Previous archived video interviews:

Newscast Sponsorships: Includes  guaranteed fixed position placement,  a live ten second opening billboard and a 60 second ad immediately following the local news on WBVP and WMBA.  Local newscasts are five minutes long and air at 5 past and 30 past the hour.  10 newscast sponsorships per week (2 per weekday): $280 per week. Call for availability.


Diane Brosius, Host of “Bargain Shop”.

Bargain Shop: Let WBVP and WMBA listeners bid live on the air for your product or service!  It’s like getting live “paid” endorsements from everyone who calls in and bids on your merchandise when they mention your business name on the air!  Bargain Shop airs every Tuesday from 1:40 to 2:00 P.M. and is hosted by Diane Brosius.  Call for details.



The Beaver County Radio Personality Prize Wheel.

Live Broadcasts. Includes a two hour live on site appearance at your place of business, including prizes and fun with some of your favorite WBVP-WMBA announcers!  The remote broadcast package includes on site sound system, Set up of the new Beaver County Radio Personality Prize Wheel, lots of pre-event promos, event listing on this web site and 30 ads to promote your business during the month of your remote to air between 6 A.M.  and 7 P.M. on WBVP and WMBA.  All  for just $1280!



For more information call 724-846-4100 or email