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Hi, I’m Zeus!

I am a big ball of energy, everyone thought I was a bit of a wild child when I came in.  I am actually a big baby.  I love to run, play with toys, and have my belly rubbed.  I cannot go home with cats.

Hello, I’m Angel!

I can be shy but I warm up very quickly.  My name suits me well because I am a total sweetheart.  I cannot go home with small children.  Stop by and visit me today!

My name is Piper!

I am 4 year old female.  I do not like small like cats, rabbits and I would do better with a dog that matches my play style.  I love attention from adults and I am a total love bug.  Check out my video of me playing in the snow or come and visit me today!

Meet Mariah!

I am a beautiful girl with a sassy attitude.  I am not a fan of other cats and I am not sure about dogs.  I like to be petted and give kisses, but I do not like to be held very much.  Stop by and see me at the shelter.

Hello my name is Eden!

I am a beautiful cabby girl with gorgeous white markings.  I love to purr.  Stop by and see me.

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