WPIAL Baseball & Softball Playoffs: May 23, 2018


Tuesday’s Scores
[4A] South Fayette 1, Hopewell 0
[3A] Avonworth 13, South Side Beaver 2
[3A] Brownsville 6, Riverside 5
[2A] CW North Catholic 9, Neshannock 2
[1A] Union 6, Greensburg Central Catholic 1
[1A] Vincentian 6, Jeannette 0
[6A] Central Catholic 6, Butler 0
[6A] Canon-McMillan 2, Plum 1
[6A] North Allegheny 3, Bethel Park 1
[6A] Hempfield 9, Pine-Richland 1
[5A] Mars 6, Laurel Highlands 2
[5A] North Hills 7, Franklin Regional 1

[4A] Ringgold vs. Greensburg-Salem (at Washington & Jefferson)

[6A] Canon-McMillan vs. Central Catholic (at Boyce-Mayview Park, Upper St. Clair)

[2A] Shenango vs. Serra Catholic (at Washington & Jefferson)

[5A] Hampton vs. Moon (at North Allegheny)

[5A] West Allegheny vs. Chartiers Valley (at Washington & Jefferson)
[6A] North Allegheny vs. Hempfield (at Boyce-Mayview Park, Upper St. Clair)


[1A] Leechburg vs. Monessen (at Peterswood Park, Peters Twp.)
[3A] Southmoreland vs. Freeport (at West Mifflin)
[4A] Yough vs. Elizabeth Forward (at Seton Hill University)
[6A] Latrobe vs. Baldwin (at Boyce-Mayview Park, Upper St. Clair)

[1A] Union vs. West Greene (at Peterswood Park, Peters Twp.)
[2A] Chartiers-Houston vs. Laurel (at West Allegheny)
[3A] Avonworth vs. South Park (at West Mifflin)
[4A] Belle Vernon vs. Mount Pleasant (at Baldwin)
[5A] Thomas Jefferson vs. Albert Gallatin (at Boyce-Mayview Park, Upper St. Clair)
[6A] Norwin vs. Hempfield (at Seton Hill University)

[2A] Mohawk vs. Frazier (at West Allegheny)
[5A] West Allegheny vs. Connellsville (at Baldwin)

WPIAL Playoff Baseball & Softball: May 22, 2018


Monday’s Scores

[4A] Hopewell 8, Knoch 6
[4A] Greensburg-Salem 1, Blackhawk 0
[3A] South Side Beaver 4, Burrell 3
[3A] Riverside 3, Steel Valley 1
[1A] Jeannette 5, Quigley Catholic 3
[1A] Vincentian 7, Cornell 0
[4A] Ringgold 5, New Castle 4
[4A] South Fayette 14, West Mifflin 4
[3A] Avonworth 8, Shady Side Academy 6
[3A] Brownsville 6, Steel Valley 1
[2A] CW North Catholic 8, Carlynton 4
[2A] Serra Catholic 5, Laurel 0
[2A] Neshannock 6, Brentwood 2
[2A] Shenango 15, Carmichaels 7
[1A] Greensburg Central Catholic 9, Eden Christian 7
[1A] Union 7, Monessen 6

[4A] Hopewell vs. South Fayette (at Burkett Complex)
[3A] South Side Beaver vs. Avonworth (at Washington & Jefferson)
[1A] Union vs. Greensburg Central Catholic (at Fox Chapel)
[5A] Mars vs. Laurel Highlands (at West Mifflin)
[6A] Butler vs. Central Catholic (at Boyce-Mayview Park, Upper St. Clair)

[5A] Franklin Regional at North Hills
[6A] Plum vs. Canon-McMillan (at North Allegheny)

[3A] Riverside vs. Brownsville (at Washington & Jefferson)
[2A] CW North Catholic vs. Neshannock (at Burkett Complex, Robinson Twp.)
[1A] Jeannette vs. Vincentian (at Fox Chapel)

[5A] Hampton vs. Moon (at North Allegheny)
[5A] West Allegheny vs. Chartiers Valley (at USC)
[4A] Ringgold vs. Greensburg-Salem (at Burkett Complex, Robinson Twp.)
[2A] Shenango vs. Serra Catholic (at Washington & Jefferson)


Monday’s Scores

[4A] Elizabeth Forward 4, Beaver 1
[4A] Belle Vernon 3, Ambridge 0
[3A] South Park 17, Ellwood City 9
[5A] West Allegheny 4, Trinity 3
[1A] Leechburg 8, Sewickley Academy 4
[6A] Baldwin 4, Mt. Lebanon 1
[6A] Norwin 2, North Allegheny 1
[6A] Latrobe 10, Peters Twp. 0
[6A] Hempfield 3, Canon-McMillan 2
[5A] Albert Gallatin 6, Kiski Area 5
[5A] Thomas Jefferson 7, Penn-Trafford 4
[5A] Connellsville 4, Franklin Regional 0
[4A] Yough 3, Indiana 0
[4A] Mt. Pleasant 10, Knoch 0
[3A] Southmoreland 6, Steel Valley 5
[3A] Avonworth 3, Burrell 0
[3A] Freeport 10, Waynesburg Central 4
[2A] Chartiers-Houston 7, Serra Catholic 1
[2A] Frazier 9, Neshannock 5
[2A] Mohawk 9, CW North Catholic 6
[2A] Laurel 5, Seton-LaSalle 3
[1A] Monessen 8, Riverview 0
[1A] West Greene 14, St. Joseph 0
[1A] Union 10, Bishop Canevin 0

WPIAL Baseball & Softball Playoffs: May 17, 2018


Wednesday’s Scores
[1A] Cornell 5, West Greene 0
[2A] Shenango 2, Bishop Canevin 1
[3A] Burrell 12, Mount Pleasant 5
[3A] Shady Side Academy 6, Waynesburg Central 5
[6A] North Allegheny 6, Penn-Trafford 0


Wednesday’s Scores
[1A] Riverview 21, Quigley Catholic 0
[5A] Thomas Jefferson 3, Moon 2
[2A] Mohawk 15, Apollo-Ridge 0
[2A] Seton-LaSalle 11, Beth-Center 1
[2A] Serra Catholic 5, Shenango 2
[2A] Neshannock 16, Shady Side Academy 0
[2A] Chartiers-Houston 15, Northgate 0
[5A] Kiski Area 8, Mars 3
[5A] Connellsville 7, Hampton 4
[5A] Trinity 12, Gateway 2

WPIAL Playoff Baseball & Softball: May 16, 2018


Tuesday’s Scores
[4A] Hopewell 3, Belle Vernon 1
[3A] Valley 7, Beaver Falls 5
[1A] Monessen 2, Western Beaver 0
[1A] Eden Christian 12, Rochester 4
[1A] Jeannette 2, Leechburg 0
[2A] Carlynton 14, California 8
[2A] Laurel 7, Fort Cherry 5
[2A] Brentwood 8, Chartiers-Houston 2
[3A] Steel Valley 15, Charleroi 0
[4A] New Castle 8. Freeport 3
[4A] West Mifflin 1, Deer Lakes 0
[4A] Greensburg-Salem 8, South Park 2
[5A] Laurel Highlands 6, Fox Chapel 5
[5A] Mars 2, Trinity 1
[5A] Chartiers Valley 12, Latrobe 2
[5A] Franklin Regional 11, Montour 2
[5A] Hampton 4, Gateway 2
[6A] Plum 3, Mt. Lebanon 1
[6A] Pine-Richland 5, Peters Twp. 1
[6A] Canon-McMillan 2, Norwin 0
[6A] Butler 4, Upper St. Clair 1

[1A] Cornell vs. West Greene (at Peters Twp.)
[2A] Shenango vs. Bishop Canevin (at Chippewa Park)

[3A] Burrell vs. Mount Pleasant (at Latrobe)

[3A] Waynesburg Central vs. Shady Side Academy (at Peters Twp.)

[6A] Penn-Trafford vs. North Allegheny (at Latrobe)


Tuesday’s Scores
[4A] Knoch 12, Blackhawk 0
[4A] Ambridge 6, Derry 2
[4A] Beaver 6, Highlands 1
[3A] Ellwood City 4, South Allegheny 1
[3A] Waynesburg Central 7, Freedom 3
[3A] Steel Valley 9, Deer Lakes 6
[3A] Burrell 10, McGuffey 4
[4A] Elizabeth Forward 15, New Castle 0
[4A] Belle Vernon 12, Uniontown 0
[4A] Indiana 13, West Mifflin 11
[6A] Peters Twp. 16, Seneca Valley 13
[6A] Norwin 8, North Hills 2
[6A] North Allegheny 6, Bethel Park 5
[6A] Mt. Lebanon 6, Pine-Richland 2
[6A] Canon-McMillan 15, Fox Chapel 12

[2A] Serra Catholic vs. Shenango (at Hampton Community Park)
[2A] Mohawk vs. Apollo-Ridge (at Hampton Community Park)

[1A] Quigley Catholic vs. Riverview (at Plum)
[2A] Beth-Center vs. Seton-LaSalle (at Baldwin

[2A] Shady Side Academy vs. Neshannock (at Hampton Community Park)
[2A] Northgate vs. Chartiers-Houston (at West Allegheny)
[5A] Mars vs. Kiski Area (at Hampton Community Park)

[5A] Hampton vs. Connellsville (at Plum)
[5A] Gateway vs. Trinity (at Baldwin)

[5A] Moon vs. Thomas Jefferson (at West Allegheny)

WPIAL Baseball & Softball Playoffs: May 15, 2018


Monday’s Scores
[2A] CW North Catholic 15, OLSH 0
[1A] Sewickley Academy 13, Mapletown 12
[1A] St. Joseph 13, Western Beaver 0
[1A] Bishop Canevin 7, Carmichaels 6
[2A] Laurel 8, Bentworth 1
[2A] Frazier 16, Brentwood 0

[4A] Knoch vs. Blackhawk at Hampton Community Park
[3A] Ellwood City vs. South Allegheny at Hampton Community Park
[6A] Fox Chapel vs. Canon-McMillan at Peterswood Park (Peters Twp.)
[6A] North Hills vs. Norwin at Plum

[3A] Freedom vs. Waynesburg Central at Baldwin

[6A] Mt. Lebanon vs. Pine-Richland at Hampton Community Park
[6A] Bethel Park vs. North Allegheny at Peterswood Park (Peters Twp.)
[4A] New Castle vs. Elizabeth Forward at West Allegheny
[4A] West Mifflin vs. Indiana at Plum
[3A] Deer Lakes vs. Steel Valley at Hampton Community Park

[4A] Beaver vs. Highlands at Baldwin
[3A] McGuffey vs. Burrell at Latrobe

[6A] Seneca Valley vs. Peters Twp. at West Allegheny

[4A] Ambridge vs. Derry at Baldwin
[4A] Belle Vernon vs. Uniontown at Latrobe


[1A] Western Beaver vs. Monessen at Burkett Complex (Robinson Twp.)
[1A] Rochester vs. Eden Christian at Matulevic Field (Shaler)
[1A] Leechburg vs. Jeannette at Fox Chapel
[2A] Laurel vs. Fort Cherry at Chippewa Park
[3A] Steel Valley vs. Charleroi at Boyce-Mayview Park (Upper St. Clair)
[5A] Mars vs. Trinity at Seneca Valley
[5A] Montour vs. Franklin Regional at West Mifflin
[5A] Laurel Highlands vs. Fox Chapel at Hempfield

[4A] South Park vs. Greensburg-Salem at Gateway
[6A] Plum vs. Mt. Lebanon at North Allegheny

[3A] Beaver Falls vs. Valley at Matulevic Field (Shaler)
[4A] Hopewell vs. Belle Vernon at Hempfield
[2A] Bishop Canevin vs. Shenango at Chippewa Park
[2A] Chartiers-Houston vs. Brentwood at Burkett Complex (Robinson Twp.)
[4A] New Castle vs. Freeport at Seneca Valley
[5A] Hampton vs. Gateway at Fox Chapel
[5A] Latrobe vs. Chartiers Valley at West Mifflin
[6A] Norwin vs. Canon-McMillan at Boyce-Mayview Park (Upper St. Clair)

[4A] West Mifflin vs. Deer Lakes at Gateway

[2A] Carlynton vs. California at Burkett Complex (Robinson Twp.)
[6A] Butler vs. Upper St. Clair at North Allegheny
[6A] Pine-Richland vs. Peters Twp. at Boyce-Mayview Park (Upper St. Clair)

Pirates pound the Rockies 10-2 to end two game slide!!!

Pirates avoid sweep, pound Rockies 10-2
By WILL GRAVES, AP Sports Writer
PITTSBURGH (AP) — Sean Rodriguez hit a two-run home run that backed Chad Kuhl and helped the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Colorado Rockies 10-2 on Wednesday to avoid a three-game sweep.
Josh Bell drove in three runs and David Freese added a two-run double as Pittsburgh improved to 8-0 in day games. Adam Frazier had three of Pittsburgh’s 13 hits and backup catcher Elias Diaz added two hits.
Kyle Freeland (0-3) cruised through the first three innings but ran into trouble in the fourth. Freese worked a two-out walk off and Rodriguez followed with a shot that scraped over the wall in left field for his second home run of the season. Max Moroff added an RBI-double two batters later to put the Pirates up 3-1.
Freeland was pulled in favor of Scott Oberg after giving up singles to Adam Frazier and Jordy Mercer starting the fifth. Oberg couldn’t get out of the jam, surrendering an RBI single to Bell. Freese followed with a double to the gap in left-center.
Freeland was charged with five runs, six hits and two walks in four-plus innings.
Kuhl (2-1) surrendered Chris Iannetta’s solo home run in the third but otherwise kept Colorado’s struggling offense in check. Kuhl struck out four and walked three while giving up four hits. The NL Central-leading Pirates are the only team in the majors to have their starter work at least five innings in every game this season.
Colorado went 5-2 on a swing through Washington and Pittsburgh, thanks in large part to their pitching. The offense has struggled while third baseman Nolan Arenado served a five-game suspension for his role in a brawl with San Diego earlier this month.
Colorado entered last in the NL in batting (.215) and didn’t improve against Kuhl and two relievers.
The Rockies had just two extra base hits on Wednesday, or one more than newly acquired Pittsburgh reliever Enny Romero, who doubled in the eighth in his second big league at-bat. Romero also pitched two scoreless innings in his first appearance since being claimed off waivers from Washington last weekend.
Rockies: RF Carlos Gonzalez was replaced by Gerardo Parra in the fifth. There was no immediate word on why Gonzalez was removed. He made a sliding catch in a sinking liner by Pittsburgh’s Starling Marte leading off the bottom of the fourth.
Pirates: RHP Joe Musgrove is expected to throw 25-30 pitches during a bullpen session on Thursday as he works his way back from a strained right shoulder. If Musgrove gets through the session without an issues, he may throw another session over the weekend then do a simulated game before the team considers sending him out for rehab starts in the minors.
Rockies: Begin a six-game homestand on Friday when the Chicago Cubs visit Coors Field. Jon Gray (1-3, 6.23 ERA) takes on Kyle Hendricks (0-1, 3.71).
Pirates: Head to Philadelphia for a four-game series with the Phillies starting Thursday. Jameson Taillon (2-0, 0.89) faces Jake Arrieta (1-0, 3.38).
More AP baseball: https://apnews.com/tag/MLBbaseball

43rd Quigley Classic To Be Broadcast Live Tonight On Beaver County Radio

Tonight Beaver County Radio presents coverage of the 43rd Quigley Classic at Quigley Catholic High School in Baden, with air time set for 6:15. The Quigley Classic features 38 seniors playing their final game in girls’ and boys’ basketball among the top players in the County and surrounding schools.

Here are the rosters for tonight’s games, with players listed in alphabetical order of last name:

GIRLS HOME [Coach: Bill Del Tondo]
Alexis Ball (Freedom)
Sydney Barney (Beaver)
Island Bradley (Beaver Falls)
Patience Gipson (Cornell)
Madison Hiltz (Central Valley)
Marisa Metropoulos (Quigley Catholic)
Tori Mitchell (Beaver Falls)
Myka Smith (Cornell)
Sydney Wolf (Riverside)
Paige Ziggas (Beaver)

GIRLS AWAY [Coach: Mark D’Alessandris]
Nicole Costa (Avonworth)
Savannah Fischer (Ambridge)
Megan Guthrie (Ambridge)
Kara Haslett (Ambridge)
Lauren Kaminski (Hopewell)
Taylor Lambright (Blackhawk)
Taylor Parrish (Hopewell)
Chloe Rabold (Ambridge)
Tailyn Silver (Blackhawk)
Lily Tedesco (Avonworth)

BOYS HOME [Coach: Josh Alderson]
Jesse Auman (Blackhawk)
Adam Brady (Beaver Falls)
Zach Cardwell (Quigley Catholic)
Nick Duer (Quigley Catholic)
Mackenyze Kuzbicki (Blackhawk)
Trent Michael (Blackhawk)
Gabe Samangy (Central Valley)
Owen Smith (Central Valley)
Ty Thellman (Riverside)

BOYS AWAY [Coach: Bill Sacco]
Brian Davidson (CW North Catholic)
Elijah Ford (Aliquippa)
Santino Guandolo (Freedom)
Javin Melvin (Freedom)
Jay Mike (Aliquippa)
Michael Raines (Aliquippa)
Desmond Ross (Cornell)
Anthony Roth (Ellwood City)
Alex Skowron (Quaker Valley)

The final games in our 70th year of high school basketball coverage come your way beginning at 6:15. The girls’ game tips off at 6:30, and the boys’ game will start at 8:30.

AUDIO: Warfield Is Officially Named Quip Head Coach, Emphasizes Responsibility

At Wednesday night’s meeting, the Aliquippa School Board officially announced former Aliquippa quarterback Mike Warfield as the new head coach for the football team, starting in 2018.

Warfield spoke with Beaver County Radio about what he plans to do different with the student athletes at his helm:


And when does the new actions begin to take shape?


Warfield takes over for Mike Zmijanac, who led the Quips to a PIAA championship in 2003.

PIAA Semifinal Basketball: March 19, 2018

The Quaker Valley boys are one game away from the Giant Center in Hershey, but standing in their way are the District 10 champion Sharon Tigers. The State West Final takes place at New Castle tonight, and coverage on Beaver County Radio is at 6:30.


[4A] Bethlehem Catholic vs. Imhotep Charter (at Geigle Complex)

[4A] Quaker Valley vs. Sharon (at New Castle)
[5A] Mars vs. Milton Hershey (at Altoona)

[5A] Monsignor Bonner vs. Abington Heights (at Freedom HS, Bethlehem)


[3A] Bishop Canevin vs. East Allegheny (at Gateway)
[3A] Dunmore vs. Neumann-Goretti (at Freedom HS, Bethlehem)

[6A] Souderton vs. Upper Dublin (at Council Rock)

[6A] North Allegheny vs. Central Bucks South (at Chambersburg)