Aliquippa falls short of the gold but take silver for second straight year they lose 60 to 44!!

The Aliquippa boys basketball team played for the Piaa 2A state championship against Lancaster  mennonite and played better than the final score would indicate, Lancaster’s 6 foot 7 inch big man David Weaver scores first and quips DJ Walker tied it up at 2. Aliquippa found their selves down early 8 to 2 called timeout to talk about it. D.J. Walker the only Quip to score so far getting shots blocked turning it over and had the big David Weaver hitting 3 pointers yes  the kind of night it was for Aliquippa, the Quips did show that they were in the game to the very end when they had to fowl and hope for the best. Tiki Hayes gets a rebound and is fowled he goes to the line and makes one the score is 13 to 9 the Quips coming back then D.J Walker took a pass from Quinton Goode and makes a layup to start the second quarter then Cam Lyndsey gets a layup for his first points of the game to get the Quips within 4 17to 13. then the Quips were trailing 20 to 15 and Cam Lyndsey gets a bucket to make 23 to 19 Quinton Goode hits his first 3 to make it 25 to 22 and that’s the half not bad all and all. To start the third D. J. Walker puts some moves on going right then left and he scores 25 to 24 Quips then D.J. Walker kicks the ball out to Tiki Hayes he scores and gets Quips first lead of the game28 to 27. that’s about all the closer it would be their sharp shooting  Camden Hurst went and hit a 3 to get the only lead back that Aliquippa would have Aliquippa tried everything in their bag of tricks that has worked before but sometimes its just your night and the other team just cant miss but silver 2 years in a row is not bad at all that’s why they play the games. Mike Azadian and Bruce Frey were on the call on the game broadcast right here on 99.3 FM 95.7 FM and 1230WBVP/1460WMBA and around the world on Beaver County Radio, stay tuned for the Blackhawk girls at 11:30 am on Saturday 3-25-23 as they play for the 4A state playoff championship.


A very exciting end to a very fantastic year Lincoln Park  finish’s with a 30 and 1 record and the 4A state title against what most considered the best team in the state and the defending champs. Newman Goretti won the tip and went straight to the hoop for 2 then Brandon Cummings scores on Lincoln Parks first possession of the game, The Newman Goretti  Dukes hit a three and Lincoln Park then get four straight stops trialing 7 to 2 Brandon Cummings made a great move going from left to right and Meleek Thomas drills a three and the score is 15 to 14 the Dukes up. Magee hit a great over the shoulder flip of the ball as described by Bruce Frey to give Lincoln Park a 18 to 17 lead. With 6:33 left in the second quarter Meleek Thomas hits a 26 footer and DeAndre Moyle hits a 3 and is playing good defense  keeping the Dukes off the boards at the end of the second the score 28 to 28. Brandin Cummings scored the first 8 points for the Leopards in the third quarter  DeAndre Moyle goes in hard gets a big rebound and gets fowled and makes one the score is now 38 to 37 then DeAndre Moye hits a long  3 pointer to put Lincoln Park up by 40 to 38 with the Leopards on top Dorian McGhee gets a basket at the end of the third With Dontay Green and Dorian McGhee doing a great job on Newman Gorettis big 6 foot 8 inch big man, at the end of the 3rd quarter the score Lincoln Park 44 Newman Goretti 41. In the 4th quarter Lincoln Park moved into a two three zone because of fowl trouble and Newman quickly gets the game tied at 48 to 48, with 5;24 to go tied at 50 Brandin Cummings takes a pass from Meleek Thomas and Dunks 52 to 52, then they get the ball back and Meleek Thomas missed missed again rebounded again missed again rebounded again and scores. With the score 54 to 52 Dorian McGhee fowled out and Rashon Russell came in as the 6th man and played well.  For the Leopards. Meleek Thomas drives and shoots to make it 55-53 Lincoln Park in the lead with 1:30 left  Its again 58 to 58 with 47 seconds on the clock the Leopards ballthey call  call time out  with 20.4 seconds left to come up with a play and that they did, and the play worked Mellek Thomas hits a basket with about 10 seconds on the clock the Dukes had one more chance to tie and they missed 4 tips and Meleek Thomas finally comes down with the ball and they pummeled him he goes to the line for two shots makes them both the game is the Leopards with only .5 seconds on the clock Lincoln Park 62 Newman Goretti 58, the game was broadcast right here on 99.3 FM 95.7 FM 1230 WBVP/1460WMBA and around the world on  Beaver County Radio by Mike Azadian And Bruce Frey, stay tuned Friday 3-24-23 for Aliquippa boys  VS. Lancaster Mennonite at 1;30 pm and the Blackhawk girls VS. Lansdale Catholic Saturday at 11;30 am.


Keith Walsh – Beaver County Radio

Heading to Hershey the Blackhawk girls who were what many called the underdogs in this 4A PIAA state playoff game at New Castle High School against a team that beat them a few weeks ago. The game was good from the start Alena Fusetti scored the first points for the Cougars with a little shot from the stripe for 2 then she hit a 3 to give them a 9 to 6 lead and then Aubree Hupp hits a 3 make it 12 to 7, with Blackhawk rebounding well and Potts hits 3 to make it 15 to 11 and Aubree Hupp gets fouled hits 2 free throws and its 17 to 11 and  Kassie Potts hits a nice left handed layup to makes the score 21-17 this is all good for the Blackhawk fans and the Cougars took the lead in at the half 21- 20. On the first possession of the second half Kassie Potts scored and North Catholic came right back and scored 23-23 all tied up then Hupp from Potts makes it 25 to 25 and Piper Romigh passes to Aubree Hupp she scores and Kassie Potts gets fouled and makes one from the line and its 33 to 33 with 1:15 left in the third quarter and then Kassie Potts makes a great  move to make it 35 to 33 then Kassie Potts hits a 3 pointer and Andrea Kinger puts a nice pass on Aubree Hupp who gets fouled and goes to the line and makes both its now 40 to 36 Blackhawk in the lead. then Alena Fusetti gets called for a charge and and North Catholic hits a 3 and the score was 42to 40 the Cougars with a 2 point lead with 2;24 to go they tried fouling Blackhawk and it got the ball back for them they put up a 3 it came off the rim and Haley Romigh went up got the rebound and took a hard elbow to the nose and was taken out and Aubree Hupp was up and ready on the line and made one 45 to 40, you could here the fans feeling it and all they had to do was burn 36 seconds off the clock and that they did final score Blackhawk 45 and North Catholic 40,the game was broadcast right here on Beaver County Radio by Mike Azadian and Joe Sager stay tuned for more High school playoff games from Hershey PA.

Lincoln Park Is Going To Hershey They Dominate Uniontown 85-54!!!

The Hershey Kisses were flying in a packed gymnasium at Charleroi High School for the boys 4A Semifinal state playoff game between the Lincoln Park Leopards and the Uniontown Red Raiders Tuesday night and they were welcomed by the Lincoln Park Leopards who earned a spot in the big dance in Hershey Thursday night at 7:00 pm that game will be broadcast right here on Beaver County Radio with Mike Azadian And Bruce Frey on the call. The game started out with Uniontown getting off to a good start that did not last long , Braden Cummings hit 3 three pointers in a row to get the Leopards back in the game and they doubled up the Red Raiders in the first quarter 27 to 14. And to start off the second after a quick time out by Uniontown,  the Red Raiders  went out to the foul line and missed 2 foul shots and Lincoln Parks Brandon Cummings took the ball and went off from 10 feet away (quote) Mike Azadian with a tomahawk slam dunk that absolutely brought  the full house on its feet and the Leopards fans erupted in cheers. At the end of the second quarter the score was 53 to 30 Lincoln Park with a good lead and they were playing as if they wanted to get out ahead by 30 to start a running clock, it took a while after they ended the third quarter with a 69- 44 lead they were able to get the lead they needed with about 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter.  And they started to replace some of their players who had to battle the very hard playing the  team from Uniontown who never up gave or made anything easy for the Leopards. And when the buzzer rang and the scoreboard read 85 to 54 and they were victorious, the Hershey kisses came raining down by the hundreds everywhere and they new that Chocolate Town was the next stop. Brandon Cummings scored 25 pts Meleek Thomas had 20pts and Deandre Moyle scored 15 for the Leopards. Tomorrow night 3-21-23 the Blackhawk Girls will play North Catholic for a chance to go to Hershey in a 4A PIAA playoff game from New Castle PA, that game will be broadcast here on Beaver County Radio 99.3 95.7 1230WBVP/1460WMBA with Mike Azadian and Bruce Frey on the call at 6:00 pm.